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Why Wear
The reason I purchased a Memorial Bracelet was because I lost 2 family members on September 11, 2001. Their laughs will never be heard again. Their smiles are gone except for what is in our minds, and their warmth will no longer be felt. It is in the bracelet that their memory will be carried.
I wear a Memorial Bracelet in memory of one of my shipmates in the United States Navy Reserves. He was also a Firefighter at the WTC. His body was never recovered after September 11 2001.
I wanted a bracelet because I wore a POW bracelet for years for my Vietnam soldier. He was MIA after the return. I checked on him occasionally via the net and learned recently that he is felt to have died in a plane crash that was witnessed.
POW MIA Bracelets and Dog Tags

In the 1970's, we wore Prisoner of War, POW Bracelets and Missing in Action, MIA Bracelets bearing the name of a captured or lost soldier. We did this to keep this person in our hearts and minds, even if we did not know them personally. We proudly wore these bracelets, and some still do, as a symbol of hope that the POW's and MIA's would return home to their families.

Today, we also keep others in our memories... Victims and Heroes of Terrorism. To keep the memory alive of those who have died innocently at the hands of terrorists or fighting terrorism, we now also wear Memorial Bracelets. By wearing a Memorial Bracelet, we show our patriotism and offer our moral and financial support to the families of these Victims and Heroes of Terrorism.

$2.00 from the sale of each bracelet is donated to charities that support the families of the heroes and victims of terrorism.

To select a bracelet engraved with a name of a POW or MIA, choose an event below to view a list of names.

Red Aluminum Vietnam POW MIA Bracelet

Bracelets and Dog Tags Engraved with:

In the Following Format:
Red Aluminum Vietnam POW MIA Cuff Bracelet with
Recessed Engraved Person's Name ($16.99) Shown
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Civilian Hostages

Warren Weinstein, a former USAID worker who has lived in Pakistan for five to seven years, was taken from his home in Lahore by eight gunman on August 13, 2011. In December, al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri said he was holding Weinstein because he has been involved with U.S. aid to Pakistan since the 1970s. The 70 year old Weinstein is currently working for J.E. Austin & Associates as Chief of Party for Pakistan Initiatives for Strategic Development and Competitiveness.

63 years old Robert Levinson was kidnapped in Iran in 2007. The former FBI agent served for 33 years and was acting as a private investigator when he was kidnapped on Kish island.  His family received a video last year and released it in December of 2011. In the video, Levinson said that he was not in good health and is running out of diabetes medicine. The US government has no evidence showing who is holding Levinson and the Iranian government has denied any involvement. Clues suggest he may be in Pakistan or Afghanistan in the hands of an independent terrorist organization. If you have any knowledge about Bob Levinson's location, please visit www.helpboblevinson.com.

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Vietnam War Missing in Action
The United States sent troops to help South Vietnam fight the Vietcong rebels and North Vietnamese invading their country.
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Vietnam War Prisoners of War
The United States sent troops to help South Vietnam fight the Vietcong rebels and North Vietnamese invading their country.
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Vietnam War Returnee
The United States sent troops to help South Vietnam fight the Vietcong rebels and communist North Vietnamese invading their country.
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