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Why Wear
My husband's company was located on the 104th floor of WTC 2. They lost over 100 employees. Some were close friends of ours.
I choose Firefighter Cherry because he volunteered his time for Songs Of Love which gathers information from chronic and terminally ill children, about their friends, hobbies, family, pets etc. and writes a one of a kind song just for that child. Firefighter Cherry was a singer who worked with Songs of Love.
I have a friend that fought in Vietnam and came home. I remembered that there used to be bracelets to wear for POWs. In honor of my friend, Michael Tank, the Vietnam vet, I decided to get one to remember that not everyone came home.
September 11, 2001 Bracelet | Order at Memorial Bracelets dot com

POW-MIA FlagIn the 1970's we faithfully wore Prisoner of War, POW Bracelets and Missing in Action MIA Bracelets for American Prisoners of War and those missing in Vietnam until "our guys" returned home. We did so to keep these soldiers in our hearts and minds, and to let them know that they would not be forgotten.

Victims of Terrorism BannerToday, we also keep others in our memories... Victims and Heroes of Terrorism. To show that even ten years later you are still keeping the memory alive of those who lost their lives at the hands of terrorists on September 11, 2001, wear a Supportive Message Memorial BraceletTM or Dog Tag. Please pick from the list below:

Black Aluminum Commemorative September 11th Bracelet

Blue Aluminum Recessed Engraved Commemorative September 11th Dog Tag

Stainless Steel September 11th Commemorative Bracelet

Black Aluminum Cuff Bracelet with Recessed Engraved Supportive Message ($13.99) and Optional Praying Hands Icon ($2.95) Shown
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Blue Aluminum Dog Tag with Recessed Engraved Supportive Message ($13.99) and Optional Hearts Icon ($2.95) Shown
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Stainless Steel Cuff Bracelet with Black Laser Engraved Supportive Message ($18.99) and Optional Flag Icon ($2.95) Shown
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To create a different two line Supportive Message bracelet or dog tag by choosing from over 100 different sayings for each line, click the Create New Supportive Message Button.

To create a Personalized bracelet or dog tag with your own custom message with up to three lines of text, click the Create Personalized Message button.

To select an Individual Name bracelet or dog tag to remember someone who was lost on September 11th, click the Select Victim of Terrorism button.
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