Frequently Asked Questions

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About the Products

How do I determine the proper bracelet size?

You might cut a strip of foil to the various measurements to see how they would fit around your wrist (SS large = 7" + 1" gap = 8" strip of foil closed end to end around your wrist). Please allow about a “finger’s width” of room between your wrist the bracelet to minimize over-bending the band which will in time fatigue the metal and may cause it to break.

Aluminum cuff bracelets have an approximate .75 in or 1.9 cm gap between the two ends of the band, while the stainless-steel bracelets have a 1 in or 2.54 cm gap. Please add the gap measurement to the length of the metal bracelets to get an idea of their full circumference. Since leather and paracord are measured to the snap or shackle, their measurement will be in close proximity to the size of your wrist measurement.

The approximate lengths/sizes of the bracelets are:

Small Metal Cuff: 6 in or 15.24 cm
Medium Metal Cuff: 6.5 in or 16.51 cm
Large Metal Cuff: 7 in or 17.78 cm
X-Large Metal Cuff: 8 in or 20.32 cm

Small Tan or Black Leather: 7.5 in or 19.05 cm
Medium Tan or Black Leather: 8.75 in or 22.23 cm
Large Tan or Black Leather: 9.5 in or 24.13 cm
X-Large Tan or Black Leather: 10 in or 25.4 cm

Extra Small: 7 - 7.5" or 17.78 cm - 19.05 cm - 1.375" Diamater
Small Paracord: 7.5 - 8" or 19.5 cm - 20.32 cm - 1.625" Diameter
Medium Paracord: 8 - 8.5" or 20.32 cm - 21.59 cm - 1.875" Diameter
Large Paracord: 8.5 - 9.0" or 21.59 cm - 22.86 cm - 2.125" Diameter
Extra Large Paracord: 9 - 9.5" or 22.86 cm - 24.13 cm - 2.375" Diameter

How will my jewelry be engraved?

We deep engrave the anodized aluminum and stainless steel using a rotary engraver. This cuts into the metal to let its natural beauty shine through. This process takes longer than the laser etching offered on other websites, which just marks the metal, but we think it is worth the extra time and cost because the of the higher quality piece of jewelry that results from this process.

The black letters on the stainless steel are achieved by first coating the metal. Next, the letters are embedded into the metal using a high-intensity laser. Where the laser hits the coating, a mark is imbedded into the metal. Once the metal is marked, the letters will not rub or scratch off through normal wear.

How thick is the metal of the bracelets?

Black aluminum bracelets are 0.063" thick.  All other colors of aluminum bracelets are made of 0.05"" thick anodized aluminum (the color is coated on electronically). It is scratch and tarnish resistant. The stainless-steel bracelets are 0.05" thick. 

Both the aluminum and stainless-steel bracelets can bend and break if enough pressure is applied, or they are bent repeatedly in the same location. If you work with or around metal or stone, you may want to not wear it to work.

Although the stainless steel is impervious to the effects of chlorine, the aluminum may dull and show white mineral deposits. Neither metal will turn your wrist green.

Is there any other type of metal in the stainless-steel bracelets?

The stainless-steel bracelets may contain 10% nickel.

Why are the Memorial Bracelets a different width than the Vietnam War KIA/POW/MIA bracelets?

Memorial Bracelets are made wider (5/8") to preserve the narrower band width (1/2") as a tribute to the original width of the Vietnam War Prisoner of War/Missing in Action (POW/MIA) bracelets.

What does the color of the bracelet or dog tag symbolize?

There isn't any protocol that stipulates a specific color for any particular event or status for a Memorial Bracelet or Dog Tag. The color selected is a matter of personal choice or based on the color for another cause, although black is usually for someone who has passed away, and pink is often associated with someone fighting or lost due to breast cancer.

People order customized bracelets and dog tags in all of the colors available; however stainless steel and black are the two most popular choices for current KIA bracelets.

The color of a Vietnam War POW/MIA bracelet or dog tag however does have significance. The traditional color for a MIA/POW bracelet is red, and a KIA is black. We encourage people to follow this tradition.

Why is there a notch cut out of the dog tag?

The most popular explanation for the notch is to place the tag securely in the teeth on a fallen soldier's body. This may have been done, but that was not the original purpose of the notch. "The Model 70 Addressograph" was a pistol-type imprinting machine used by the Medical Department during WWII. Its function was to transfer the wounded soldier's identification information directly from his dog tags to his medical records. The notch in the dog tag would align and hold the tag securely in the "Addressograph". First the dog tag was inserted into the imprinting machine. After the medical document was aligned in the "Addressograph", the trigger on the imprinting machine was pulled and the information on the dog tag was transferred to the medical document through the ribbon of carbon paper located inside the "Addressograph".

What are the abbreviations engraved on the bracelets?

VOT = Victim Of Terrorism - Person killed by a foreign or domestic terrorist, or in the name of a terrorist organization
KIA = Killed In Action - Soldier killed during an active military conflict
DOW = Died of Wounds - Soldier who died in a medical facility after being wounded during an military conflict
MIA = Missing In Action -  An unaccounted for soldier or his/her remains during or after a military conflict
POW = Prisoner of War - A soldier currently or last known being held in captivity during or after a military conflict
RR = Returnee - A soldier released after formerly being designated as a POW or MIA
NCRI = Non-Combat Related Incident - Accidental death of a soldier while serving in the military
PCRI = Post-Combat Related Incident - Death of a soldier after serving due to a physical or mental injury which occurred during active duty

Where are the products made?

All engraving and production occurs in the United States.

Do you guarantee your products? What is your return policy?

We guarantee that your bracelet, dog tag or pendant will be engraved exactly as you indicated, and in the material and size you chose, so please double check your order before entering your initials verifying that your order is correct.

If, when you receive your order confirmation email, you see something in your order that is not what you intended, complete a Contact Us form. If we receive your form within 48 hours of your order being placed, we guarantee that we will make the change. If you notice a change after 48 hours, Contact Us immediately, and we will try our best to change it before engraving.

We do not provide refunds for packages that were delivered by the shipping provider.

Ordering Questions

How do I order multiples of the same engraving in different sizes or colors?

After you choose the engraving you would like on your first product and place it into your shopping cart, the website will keep you on the product specifications page and retain the information you just entered. Simply modify this information to continue adding more products with slight modifications to your shopping cart.

How do I re-order the same products and engraving I ordered previously?

When you placed your first order, you were asked to create a password to log into your account. To log in, click on the "Sign In" link in the upper right portion of the website, enter your email address as your user name and the password you created. If you have forgotten your password or placed your last order before May 2021, click the “Forgot Your Password?” link, enter your email address and a link to reset your password will be emailed to you.

When you log into to your account and click the My Account link at the top of the page, it will show your list of previous orders. You can choose to view a previous order and click the Reorder link on the next page to add it to your shopping cart.  If you ordered prior to May of 2021, you can copy the engraving used previously and paste it into the custome engraving fields or choose the same name to create a new order.

Can I order a custom engraved product?

If there is someone you would like to remember with a Memorial Bracelet, you may utilize the Customize by Product or Customizable Engravings areas, edit a name selected to create a bracelet or dog tag that is personally meaningful to you, or you can request that they be added to the Special Request section of the Website by completing the form on that page.

How do I order a custom Icon?

When placing an order, please choose the Custom Icon. It is the first icon image that says Your DESIGN Here.  After placing the order, email us at [email protected]  Include your order number and attach a high-resolution, black and white line drawing with a simple design of the icon you would like us to engrave.  Since the icon will be approximately 1/2" X 1/2" please keep your artwork simple.  Please also make sure the image does not contain shadows, is not pixelated and is not protected by a copyright.  If additional time is needed to prepare your image due to it not meeting these guidelines, additional fees may be necessary.

Can I have more than 35 characters engraved on a custom bracelet or dog tag?

We can engrave up to 35 characters on each of three lines on cuff and tan leather bracelets. If the engraving that you desire does not fit in the space provided, please complete a Contact Us form and we'll check your message and the size of the product desired to determine if it will fit.

How long are the chains on the dog tags?

Standard dog tags come with 30" a stainless-steel ball chain.

Can I order a bracelet with the name of the Police Dog that was lost at the WTC?

Yes, you can order a bracelet with Sirius, the name of the rescue dog that was lost on 9/11 at the World Trade Center.  Navigate to the list of World Trade Center victims and click the PAPD K9 filter on the left side of the page.

Can I order a bracelet for a Military Working Dog (MWD)?

Yes, they can be selected by visiting either the Operations Enduring or Iraqi Freedom listing pages and clicking the MWD filter on the left side of the page.

Do you offer discounts for large quantity orders?

If you are interested in ordering 25 or more of the same product with the exact same engraving, the website will automatically apply the discounts listed below. If you would like to see if there is an opportunity for a bigger discount for any order over 25, please complete a Contact Us form.

10-24 - 5%
25-49 - 10%
50-74 - 15%
75-99 - 20%
100-499 - 25%
500+ - Complete a Contact Us form for special pricing.

Do you offer a discount to the immediate family members of those listed on the website?

Yes, we do offer a discount to immediate family members of the people listed on the Memorial Bracelets website. Customized products do not qualify for the immediate family member discount. If you are the mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter or spouse of a person listed on this website and would like to receive the discount for bracelets or dog tags to be worn by you or up to 6 total members of the immediate family, please place your order then immediately complete a Contact Us form. Please include your Order Number (found on your Order Confirmation email) so that we can credit your order for the difference between the price on the website and the immediate family member discounted price.

Do you offer a Gift Card?

Gift cards can be purchased in any increment up to $1,000 and delivered via email. No physical gift card is produced or mailed. The recipient of the gift card will enter the number while checking out and it will be applied to all or any portion of the order including shipping.  Gift cards are good for 5 years and there are no fees associated with buying or using them.

What type of payment methods do you accept?

We accept Master Charge, VISA, Discover and American Express credit cards and you can order by PayPal via our website. Personal and cashier’s checks and money orders can be sent by mail. All credit card data is encrypted with an SSL certificate by VeriSign when transferred.

Do you retain my credit card information?

For security reasons, we do not retain your credit card number. Our credit card processer, retains your credit card information securely using sophisticated encryption methods. If we need access to change your order, they provide an anonymous token for us to process the change.

If you check the box to Save for Later Use on the Payment Method page during checkout, your credit card number will be securely stored by and will self-populate when you place future transactions.

Why does it look like my credit card was charged even if the transaction was not fully completed?

When you attempt to place an order, your bank receives an authorization request for the charge from; your bank electronically confirms that the card number was attached to a valid account and verifies that at that time there were enough available funds to cover the requested amount. Your bank then reserves the funds and issues an authorization for payment. However, when your bank electronically cannot confirm that the billing address, (or some other information you entered) matches what is on file with the credit card, the transaction is stopped and declined. When this type of mismatch occurs, the reserved fund authorization stays active (and subtracted from your available balance) until your bank removes the authorization following the decline--this sometimes shows up on your online statement as a charge even though the money never left your account. It sometimes takes 2-3 days for this to reverse depending upon your bank. However, a phone call to your bank can confirm that the charge did not go through. We apologize for this inconvenience, but these security measures by the bank are beyond our control.

Why is my credit card charged as soon as I place an order?

Since you are requesting a custom piece of jewelry that does not exist until your order is received, your credit card is charged when your order is placed to cover the cost of the materials and labor needed to create it.

Can I order by telephone?

Sorry, but to insure your transaction is completely secure, we cannot take credit card orders over the phone.

Why can't I print out a blank order form?

Due to the number of variables associated with each order, (including the cost of shipping which is calculated by the number of products ordered and the distance shipped) we don't have a blank order form that can be completed by hand. You can however still use the website to print a copy of the order you created and send it with a check. To learn more about this, read the question, “How do I place my order by mail?”

How do I place an order by mail?

If you would like to order by mail, select the product(s) you would like to order. When you arrive at the Payment Method screen, click Check. Confirm your billing and shipping address and click Place Order. On the next screen, click Print Order and Mail with Check. Print the mail order form, double check your selections, make a copy for your records and mail it to us with your check. You will receive a confirmation email of your order immediately after finishing the ordering process on the website, but it will not be engraved until your check is received and it clears the bank.

Why won't my computer allow me to place an order?

If your computer is not allowing you to place an order, please upgrade your browser to the latest version and try again. The website is optimized for the following browsers:

• Internet Explorer 11 or later
• Microsoft Edge, latest version
• Firefox latest, latest version
• Chrome latest version
• Safari latest version for Mac OS
• Safari mobile for iPad 2, iPad Mini, iPad with Retina Display (iOS 7 or later), for desktop storefront
• Safari Mobile for iPhone 4 or later; iOS 7 or later, for mobile storefront
• Chrome for mobile latest version (Android 4 or later) for mobile storefront

If you are still having trouble, please clear your shopping cart and cache and revisit the website starting with a fresh browser session, or select the order-by-mail option.

Why won’t my password from the old website allow me to log in?

Because your password was encrypted before being stored on the website, we had no knowledge of your password and could not transfer it to the new website. Since the email you used when placing your order was retained, when logging into the new website, click the “Forgot Your Password?” link to reset the password to your account.  Please watch this YouTube video to see how to go through the process:

Change Requests

How can I inquire about, change, or cancel my order?

Fill out a Contact Us form indicating your question about or revision to your order and make sure you include the Order Number found on your order confirmation email. In the case of a revision or cancellation, we guarantee changes will be made within 48 hours of placing your order. If 48 hours have passed, submit it immediately, and we'll let you know if we are able to make the desired change or cancellation prior to engraving.

How can I change my shipping address?

If you need to change your order's shipping address, please complete a Contact Us form with the information.  Since it is unique to each order, updating your Billing Information in your account does not automatically cause an update to your Shipping Address.  If you do not contact us with a change to your shipping address prior to your order shipping, we cannot guarantee the shipping service you chose will forward it to you or return it to us, and you may need to place another order at your own expense.

Site Content Requests

How do I request a person's name be added or information modified?

If you would like to have a name modified or added to the website, please send us a Contact Us form and include links to official website(s) or documentation you have regarding the person.

How do I request a Supportive Message be added to the website?

If you would like a Supportive Message to be added, please complete the Contact Us form, click the Request a Supportive Message be added to the Website button, enter your 30-character message into the field and click the Submit button. If accepted, you will receive an email that your message will be available for engraving on any of the three lines on a bracelet or dog tag.

How can I have a name removed from the website?

If you are an immediate family member of a person listed on the Memorial Bracelets website, you may have his/her name removed by completing the Contact Us form.

How can I provide feedback on the site contact, functionality or ordering process?

If you find a bug in the website or see some content that needs to be changed, please compete a Contact Us form so we can make the correction. 

Shipping Questions

Do you guarantee delivery?

Since we obtain a tracking number for all packages mailed First Class through the US Postal Services (USPS) and shipped via the United Parcel Service (UPS), we guarantee the delivery of products shipped to the designated destination.  We do not offfer refunds for packages delivered by the shipping provider.

What options do you offer for shipping within the United States?

We offer United Parcel Service (UPS) shipping Ground and Two-Day Air. If you choose to ship UPS, you must supply a physical street address (not a PO Box). Shipping Two Day Air does not shorten product processing and engraving time.

We also offer First Class Mail and Priority Mail for larger orders via the United States Postal Service (USPS). If you are having a bracelet sent to a P.O. Box, APO or FPO address, you must use this method.

How much does shipping cost?

All of the shipping costs are calculated directly from the UPS or USPS websites based on weight, size and delivery method. USPS and UPS shipping costs cover the mailing and tracking of your package so it can be traced during the route of its journey from Michigan. You will receive an email with a tracking number when your product is shipped.

Smaller orders are shipped in a white padded envelope and larger orders (over 6-8 products) are shipped in a box. Orders over 6-8 products will be shipped Priority Mail because they exceed the limit for shipping First Class Mail. To cover the cost of the envelope/box and other shipping materials and handling expenses, a small handling fee is added to the cost of shipping.

To calculate your shipping cost, enter the product(s) you are interested in ordering into the shopping cart, click the Add Your Initials and Proceed to Checkout button. A choice of shipping options with charges will be displayed. Please remember that choosing faster shipping options does not speed up the processing and engraving timeframe. Customer orders are engraved in the order in which they are received.

How do I ship an order outside of the United States?

You can ship your order overseas using either of the following two methods:

1. Shipping United Parcel Service Worldwide Expedited Service is expensive, but it is traceable and insured, and delivery is guaranteed.

2. Shipping Priority Mail Express International is a little less expensive and does include tracking and $100 of insurance.

If you are interested in placing an order to be shipped outside of the United States and want to know the cost, please complete your order with the international shipping address. The website will calculate the cost of shipping.

How do I ship to an APO/FPO Address?

To ship to US Military personnel overseas, enter the APO or FPO in the City Name field and the AE or AP as the State Abbreviation. You must also choose US Mail as the shipping method. Unfortunately, UPS does not ship to APO or FPO addresses.

When will my order be shipped?

Your order will ship within 3 - 5 business days from the date your credit card or PayPal order is placed, or your check clears the bank. This time allows for your order to be processed, engraved, checked, and packaged. Shipping via a faster method does not shorten processing or engraving time. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate "Rush" orders, but will make every attempt to deliver products for special events.

To follow the progress of your purchase, please click on the My Account link located in the upper right of the website and enter your email and password; you can see the status there. When your product ships, you will receive an email containing its tracking number so you can follow its progress through the UPS or USPS website. If you do not receive your package within 10 days after you receive the email that it has shipped and you have been tracking it, please send us a Contact Us form immediately so the package can be traced.

How do I send a gift to someone, or ship to a different address?

Enter your name and information in the Billing Information fields and then enter the desired recipient and their address in the Shipping Information fields. We also offer the option of sending a Gift Card, so the recipient can select or create the engraving for their bracelet or dog tag.

Why is it taking so long to arrive to my APO/FPO address?

When shipping to an APO/FPO address, the US Postal Service transfers delivery of the package to the Military Postal Service Agency (MPSA). Unfortunately, we are not able to track packages once they are received by the MPSA, and we have seen packages take anywhere from ten days to eight weeks to arrive to military personnel. Please be patient and complete a Contact Us form if you haven't received it within two months of the ship date.

Does shipping by two-day air speed up the engraving of my order?

Please remember that choosing faster shipping option, such as two-day air, does not speed up the processing and engraving timeframe. Customer orders are engraved in the order in which they are received and can take between 3 - 5 business days to get through the entire process.

Vietnam POW/MIA and KIA Bracelets

What is the number on the end of my Vietnam POW/MIA bracelet?

The number listed on the end of your Vietnam POW/MIA bracelet and dog tag is the wall number (address) of your person's name on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. (The Wall)

Bracelets for those Killed in Action in the Vietnam War were originally made with the home state (abbreviation) of record listed on one end. Once "The Wall" was built, it became standard to engrave the wall number on the other end.

How long should I wear a POW/MIA bracelet or dog tag?

Traditionally a POW/MIA bracelet or dog tag is worn until the person named on the bracelet or dog tag is accounted for or comes home. All Vietnam War POW/MIAs have been declared dead by the US Government, but all those declared dead have not all been identified as deceased by having their remains returned to the United States.

Whether it is for 28 days or 28 years, the bracelet or dog tag is worn to keep the memory of the imprisoned or missing person alive. Please remember that if the remains of the POW/MIA have not been identified, the family still considers them a POW/MIA and it would be disrespectful to send them your bracelet prior to the acceptance that their family member, or evidence of them, has returned to the United States.

What do I do with my POW/MIA Bracelet once the person returns, his/her remains are identified or I no longer want to keep it?

If you would like to do something meaningful with your POW/MIA bracelet or dog tag or tell the family what it means to you, please do not contact the family of the person engraved on your bracelet directly, but instead do one of the following:

1. Place it at the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington DC.

2. Write a reflection for that person on the Memorial Bracelets website. Many family members arrive at the page of their loved one when searching for information about them on the Internet.

3. Send the bracelet to the Palm Springs Air Museum.  They are creating a display that features the bracelets of all of the Vietnam War MIA's and POW's.

Dr. Dave Thompson
Lt. Cdr. U.S. Navy 1964-1970
10-103 Lakeview Dr.
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270
Phone: 760-328-0859
Email: [email protected]

4. Send it to Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPMAA)
Write a letter to the family of the POW/MIA making sure to include all your contact information in the event the family chooses to contact you.
Place the letter and the bracelet/dog tag in an envelope, seal it, add the proper postage, write your return address and simply address the envelope to the Family of (Soldier's Name).

Write a letter to the respective serviceman's Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPMAA). In the letter, explain that the enclosed envelope contains a POW/MIA bracelet or dog tag, and request that it be forwarded to the family. If they have a current address on file, the DPMAA will add the family's address to your envelope. There is no guarantee that this process will work. Many former POWs, MIAs and their families are no longer in contact with their Accounting Agency.

Place the DPMAA request letter and the "To The Family Of" envelope inside another envelope, seal it, add the proper postage, write your return address and mail it to the appropriate office below based on the serviceperson's military branch:

U.S. Air Force
(For World War II aircraft losses, contact the US Army POC below)
550 C Street West
JBSA-Randolph, TX 78150-4716
Tel: 1 (800) 531-5501

U.S. Army
Serves as POC for World War II US Army Air Force (USAAF) losses
Department of the Army
Attn: Past Conflicts AHRC-PDC-R
1600 Spearhead Div. Ave, Dept. 450
Fort Knox, KY 40122-5405
Tel: 1 (800) 892-2490

U.S. Marine Corps
Headquarters U. S. Marine Corps
Manpower and Reserve Affairs (MFPC)
Personal and Family Readiness Division
2008 Elliot Road
Quantico, VA 22134-5103
Tel: 1 (800) 847-1597

U.S. Navy
Navy Personnel Command Casualty Assistance Division (PERS-13)
5720 Integrity Drive
Millington, TN 38055-0000
Tel: 1 (800) 443-9298

State Department (civilian losses)
U.S. Department of State CA/OCS/ACS/EAP
SA-17, 10th Floor
Washington, D.C. 20522-1707
Phone: (202) 485-6106

Who is listed as a Vietnam POW and MIA and Why?

The list includes those declared Prisoner of War (POW), Missing In Action (MIA), and out of respect for families still looking for their loved ones, Killed in Action/Body Not Recovered (KIA/BNR). When remains are recovered and returned, the name of the POW or MIA is moved to the KIA section of the website. 

Miscellaneous Questions

Why aren't other terrorism victims and heroes listed on the website?

While we recognize the terrible loss suffered by families around the world, the website primarily only lists those terrorist victims and the heroes fighting terrorism from the USA.

If there is someone you would like to remember with a Memorial Bracelet, you may utilize the "Customize" feature of the website to create a bracelet or dog tag that is personally meaningful to you. If you would like to create your own Memorial Bracelet and Dog Tag for others to wear in honor of a lost friend or family member, you can make a Special Request in the Find a Name section to have their name added to the website.

If you know of a United States citizen who is a Hero or Victim of Terrorism or a Vietnam War POW/MIA or KIA and is not listed on the website, please complete the Contact Us form.

How do I obtain information about the person on my KIA bracelet?

For information on recent military personnel Killed In Action, please visit the Military Times’ Honor the Fallen page.

How much is donated to charity and where is it donated?

Since Memorial Bracelets is NOT a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable entity, $2.00 of every product sold is donated to charitable organizations that have very low expenses or use 100% of the proceeds to aid the families of fallen heroes and those lost tragically. 

For information about the amount donated and the charities that we support, please see the Donations Page on the website.

Will I receive SPAM if I register for your newsletter?

When you submit an order or register for our newsletter, we do not share your email address with any other firm. Periodically, you may receive an email newsletter from us, but each email contains an unsubscribe option allowing you to be removed from future emails.

How can I contact you if the answer to my question is not listed?

Please complete the Contact Us form to reach us directly. This is the best way to get your question answered since we are not equipped to take phone calls. To receive the most complete response, please provide your Order Number, make sure you use the email address used when placing the order, and provide as much detail as possible when completing this form.

Why don't you offer phone support?

We offer online support via email and through the Contact Us form.  Since we are a small family-run business, you will receive an online response from a real human.  We don't offer phone support because we truly believe it wouldn't be possible to provide the same effective assistance over the phone for the following reasons:

  • Having you contact us online enables us to view your account activity, order history and other information we need to troubleshoot effectively. 
  • We can view images you send and send you screenshots and photos, so you can visually see the best way to accomplish your goal.
  • It's faster.  We can find the answer and provide a response after business hours and on the weekend.
  • Online correspondence keeps a detailed record in one place.  This ensures nothing gets lost in translation and that you always have access to refer back to the information provided.