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Why Wear
My original POW/MIA bracelet was purchased in or around 1972 when I was in high school and was also for Captain Dean P. St Pierre. Like many folks, I actively protested the Vietnam War, but I also fiercely supported our military men and women and continue to do so today.
I choose Nicole Miller's name because I knew her and used to work with her, I didn't know she was on Flight 93 until last year.
My brother is a police officer here in Chicago, and I pray for him every day...but then again I pray for those from 9-11. I am also proud of him and every other police officer out there risking their lives every day so we can have a safe neighborhood and country.
Memorial Bracelets Recognizes Military Working Dog Handlers and their 9-K partners
As a tribute to the job of Military Working Dog Handlers Killed In Action (KIA), Memorial Bracelets has designated them on the www.MemorialBracelets.com web site by adding the abbreviation MWDH next to their branch of service.  To also recognize their 9-K partners, Memorial Bracelets has listed the Military Working Dogs Killed In Action (KIA) on the web site so awareness of their service can also be generated by wearing an engraved bracelet or dog tag.

There are an estimated 2,300 dogs currently serving in the U.S. military.  Approximately 200-300 of these are serving with American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.  These dogs support the war on terror by patrolling and detecting explosives and drugs.  During Operation Iraqi Freedom, four handlers and one K-9 have been lost, and during Operation Enduring Freedom, 13 handlers and five K-9s have been killed in action in Afghanistan.

“Not to take anything away from the sacrifice our soldiers who have been killed in action have made for this country, we thought it was also important to recognize the K-9s who have given their lives working to protect our fighting men and women from harm,” said Rob Tacy, President of Memorial Bracelets. “Dinomt was the most recent military working dog lost.  This member of the Navy was killed in late September while stationed in Afghanistan,” Tacy added.

After serving their country, these animals can come home not only wounded and the military has discovered that they can also suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) just like their human counterparts.  To help the people who adopt them cover the cost of these conditions, the Retired Military Working Dog Assistance Organization is working to reclassify these animals from “excess equipment” to “canine service members” after their retirement.  Lisa Phillips, Founder of the Retired Military Working Dog Assistance Organization said, "All of us in the organization appreciate Memorial Bracelets honoring our MWDs with engraved bracelets and dog tags.  MWDs go into battle without hesitation along side their human battle buddies. They put their lives on the line daily. It is heart warming that with the help of Memorial Bracelets everyone can now show these 4-legged heroes our love and support, just as they have shown for our nation."

Retired Military Working Dog Assistance Organization 
The Retired Military Working Dog Assistance Organization is a non-profit organization based in Universal City, Texas.  It takes donations to help cover the medical costs after a Military Working Dog retires, so that tax dollars aren’t used and they can live a better, more comfortable life after they have finished serving our country. Too many times people have signed up to commit their home to a retiring MWD and then found the medical finances too much of a burden. If the RMWDAO can help take some of that financial worry off of their shoulders, more good people will be able to provide the caring homes these dogs need.  For more information about RMWDAO, please visit www.rmwdao.org.

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