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Why Wear
My husband's company was located on the 104th floor of WTC 2. They lost over 100 employees. Some were close friends of ours.
I wanted something to memorialize the sacrifices that public service workers make each day.
My friend's brother-in-law was with the NYFD. He was killed at the WTC - responding with his company.
Americans Wear Memorial Bracelets To Always Remember September 11th

As the one-year anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in American history approaches, Americans remember what they were doing on that day, and how the tragedy affected their lives. As a way to always remember the loved ones and heroes who were lost, people from all over the country are keeping the memory of the victims alive by wearing VOT (Victims of Terrorism) Memorial Bracelets™. Below are excerpts from comments received at www.memorialbracelets.com stating the reasons why people are wearing a VOT Memorial Bracelet™:

"I did not lose anyone I knew in the attack, but my life changed because of it. I wear a bracelet to remind myself how short life can be and it only takes a second for a life to change."

"I wear a VOT Memorial Bracelet because someone I've known since childhood died that day. P.O. Brian McDonnell ESU truck 1 NYPD. Now I can keep my friend alive in my heart by seeing his name every day."

"I, along with my 18-year son, will never forget witnessing the tragedy as we watched it unfold before us on our T.V., and I will never forget the brave people who gave up their lives to save others. This bracelet will, I hope, give me some peace and heal my soul."

"I wear a memorial bracelet because we as Americans must never forget what was done to our country and the thousands of innocent human beings who were sacrificed in this wanton act."

"Mike Cammarata was a friend of our daughters. 9/11 was a tragedy for all, but it was also my daughter Michele's 1st experience of losing a loved one. She was having a very hard time, as most of us are, and we gave it to her so she can wear it as a tribute to her friend and hero."

"My 10 year old has wanted to do something since 9-11 and we both thought this was a great way. We ordered 3 and he will be giving the other one to his Dad as a Fathers Day present to show that he is thankful for him and that he has him while some children don't have theirs anymore."

"I lost my cousin, Lt. Cmdr. David L. Williams, in the attack on the Pentagon. I will wear this VOT Memorial Bracelet proudly in his memory, so that he is never forgotten."

Additional comments and memorials from those that have purchased VOT Memorial Bracelets can be viewed on the Internet at http://www.whywear.com/.

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