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Why Wear
My roommate's cousin died in the WTC so I decided to honor my roommate and her family by wearing a Memorial Bracelet with the name of her cousin.
I wear a Memorial Bracelet in memory of one of my shipmates in the United States Navy Reserves. He was also a Firefighter at the WTC. His body was never recovered after September 11 2001.
My original POW/MIA bracelet was purchased in or around 1972 when I was in high school and was also for Captain Dean P. St Pierre. Like many folks, I actively protested the Vietnam War, but I also fiercely supported our military men and women and continue to do so today.
The History of Memorial Bracelets

The idea of creating Memorial Bracelets came to Rob while he was watching the news immediately following the terrorist attacks on September 11th 2001. “Seeing people desperately looking for lost loved ones reminded me of the Vietnam War era when American’s were looking for soldiers MIA (Missing In Action),” said Rob Tacy, President of Memorial Bracelets. “We were interested in creating a way for people to remember those lost on 9-11 and helping the families of the victims.” Tacy added. POW Bracelets were powerful symbols that reminded people of those being held captive or missing. Rob thought that Memorial Bracelets might do the same for those lost on 9/11 that POW/MIA Bracelets did for soldiers held captive or missing during the Vietnam War.

The concept of a bracelet to remember a victim of terrorism had not yet been invented, and he thought of many names before deciding on calling it a Memorial Bracelet. Having been laid off when the Internet bubble burst, Rob worked around-the-clock with a web-site developer friend, Steve, who was also unemployed.  They launched the Memorial Bracelets website located at www.MemorialBracelets.com on October 23, 2001. John Roy, a New Yorker who lost his brother Sgt. Timothy Roy in the World Trade Center was one of the first to order a bracelet. "By wearing the bracelet, people will be showing hope that my brother's body or something from him will be found so we can have some closure," said Roy. The money initially raised from selling bracelets was donated to the Twin Towers Orphans Fund to support children who lost one or both parents. By February 22, 2002, $5,000 was donated to this charity.

Memorial Bracelets only offered bracelets for those that died on September 11th until the Bali bombing occurred on October 12, 2002. They added the names of victims of terrorism and subsequently added the names of American’s lost in terrorist attacks prior by request, and after September 11th as they occurred. Also by request, they added the names of Vietnam POWs, MIAs, KIAs and Returnees so people could keep those still unaccounted for in their hearts and prayers.

When casualties began to occur after the start of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), they were asked by family members of the fallen to add the names of the military members lost to the website so people could also remember the brave men and women who died fighting to keep America safe from terrorism. They began adding the names of the casualties for OEF and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) starting in March of 2002 and expanded the mission of the site to Remembering the Victims and Heroes
of Terrorism. 

To reflect their commitment to military families, they also expanded the charities they support to help the families of those lost or wounded while fighting. They donate $2.00 of every product purchased on the site, no matter if it’s a bracelet or a dog tag or if it’s engraved for medical ID reasons or custom engraved for a special cause.  Because they have sold over 165,000 bracelets and dog tags over the past eight and a half years, they have been able to donate over $83,000 to charities that support the families that have lost a hero or  victim to terrorism. “Our goal is to donate over $100,000 to charity by September 11th, 2011,” said Rob.

Rob started offering engraved jewelry in 2001 and continue today for the simple reason of giving the wearer something that enables them to remember their lost loved one, and to share their story with others who see the bracelet or dog tag.  “We enjoy hearing from those that wear the bracelets and dog tags we engrave for them. Knowing that what we offer gives so many people a sense of peace and is cherished by them as a keepsake, makes us proud to be able to continue to offer this service”, said Rob. You can read hundreds of stories about why Americans all over this great land wear Memorial Bracelets to honor the memory of a fallen soldier or lost loved one, at their blog located at www.whywear.com.
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