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POW MIA Heroes and Victims of Terrorism

In the 1970's we wore POW/MIA bracelets bearing the name of captured or lost soldiers to create awareness. Today we wear Memorial Bracelets to keep loved ones, heroes & victims alive in our hearts and minds.


$2.00 from the sale of each product is donated to charities that support the families of the heroes and victims of terrorism. Because of the support of our loyal customers, we have donated over $351,000 since October 23, 2001.

Special Request

Complete a Special Request Form to honor a lost friend or family member, and have a page with your custom engraving added to the website.


Memorial Bracelets have been proudly made in the U.S.A. since 2001. 

Large Quantity Discount

When you order 10 or more products at the same time, the site will automatically subtract an escalating discount up to 30% off. 

We are profoundly saddened by the lives lost due to terrorism and those killed protecting our country, and wish to express our deepest sympathies to the families and friends of those lost. It is our intent, by engraving their names on Memorial Bracelets, to allow others to honor their memory by sharing their story and keeping them in their hearts and minds.
If you wish not to have your immediate family member’s name listed, please Contact Us and we will remove it. If you are an immediate family member of someone listed on the website and would like to receive a discount when placing an order, please complete a Contact Us form immediately after placing your order.

Special Announcements

March 20th marks 20 years from the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Wear a Memorial Bracelet to help remember one of the over 3,500 military service members Killed In Action, during that 7.5 year war.

Product Review

Please take the time to write a review of your Memorial Bracelet or Dog Tag purchase on the product pages of the website.  Read Product Reviews written by others.

Write a Reflection on the page of the person for whom you are wearing a Memorial Bracelet or Dog Tag to share the memory of their life with others. Read Reflections written by others.